Tuesday's WOD


Split Jerk Progression + Complex Review

  • Basic Split Jerk Progression (applies to both front rack and back rack split jerks)

  • Jump to Split w/ hands at sides + Recover (front then back foot)

  • Dip + Jump to Split + Recover

  • Dip + Jump to Split w/ thumbs at shoulders + Recover

  • Dip + Jump to Split + Punch hands to ceiling (no PVC) + Recover

  • Dip + Jump to Split + Punch w/ PVC then BAR + Recover

  • Complex Review, see notes below on Back Rack Jerk


e90s x7 - From the Rack:

1x Front Rack Split Jerk + 2x Back Rack Split Jerk (aka Behind the Neck)

**Beginning at a light weight (20-30%), athletes will build up to a moderately challenging weight (70-80%) for this complex, not a max. The split jerks from behind the next should be completed with a standard jerk grip w/ elbows under the bar, not a snatch grip. Athletes still developing these movements should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good positioning.


For Time:

250/200m Row

10 Shoulder to Overhead @70-80% / 3-5 UB Reps (185/125)

250/200m Row

8 Shoulder to Overhead

250/200m Row

6 Shoulder to Overhead

250/200m Row

4 Shoulder to Overhead

250/200m Row

2 Shoulder to Overhead

Accessory Work:

9 min AMRAP:

24 Double Unders / 48 Singles

12 (6R/L) 1-Arm KB/DB Hang Clean

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