Wednesday @home edition


3x10 (5R/L) Alt. Weighted Box Step-ups w/ Dumbbell  Kettlebell / Other object @24/20ish

@ light to moderate weight  (50-53/30-35)

See website for demo video of Alt. DB Box Step-up @5:34 mark

**Same standards as 2019 CF Open. This will be performed with one (1) dumbbell and athletes will alternate reps, one right, one left, etc. Athletes can hold the DB on either shoulder, in the front rack/back rack, or at the side. The rep starts on the ground facing the box and ends with the athlete standing fully upright on top of the box. At least one hand must be in contact with the DB. These may be modified to body weight or a shorter box for athletes that have difficulty.


Mixed KB/DB Carry (see video on website for demo)

5 Rounds - 50m DOWN + 50m BACK = 1 Round



15 Russian KB/DB Swings (50-53/30-35)

10 (5R/L) Alt. Weighted Box Step-ups w/ DB/KB @24”/20” (50-53/30-35)

200m Sprint

NOTES: Score Time and record KB/DB weight.

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