Wednesday’s WOD - 10/2/2019


push jerk + Complex Review


e90s x7 - Push Jerk

2x pause push jerk + 1x Full Push Jerk

**Athletes will perform 2x pause push jerks followed by 1 full push jerk building to a moderately challenging weight from the floor. After the pause, athletes should not dip or re-dip any further than 2-3 in as this may happen if athletes attempt to go too heavy. After completing 2x pause push jerks they will perform 1 full push jerk.


On a 10 min Clock:

Part A:

3 Rounds:

10 Bar Facing Burpees

12 Shoulder to Overhead @30-40% / 2-3 UB Rds (95/65)...(75 reps)

REST 2 min

Part B:

Max Effort Shoulder to Overhead in remaining time @60-70% / 3-5 UB Reps (155/105)

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