Wednesday's WOD

Upcoming Events:

Bring A Friend - October 24th 8am or 9:30am

Friday Fright Night - Halloween Party - October 30th 5:30pm

On-Ramp - November 2nd 6:00am or 6:00pm

In-House Competition - November 14th - SIGN UP HERE


Rope Climb Progression

**Athletes will complete 3x of the most difficult Rope Climb variations they can complete w/ good technique.


4x 50 FT - Back Rack Barbell Walking Lunge @moderate-challenging weight

+10-20# from last on 08-12-2020

**Athletes will rack a barbell across their shoulders then perform a walking lunge down the length of the rig building in weight across 4 sets. This may be modified to a DB/KB or bodyweight forward or reverse lunge in place or a box step-up for athletes that have difficulty with the lunge. Please caution athletes not to drop the barbell behind them while in a lunge and their rear foot is upright!


15 min AMRAP:

200m Sprint

30 FT Walking Lunge (bw)

15 Hand Release Push-ups

1 Rope Climb / ½ Rope Climb / 1x Lower + Raise

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CrossFit High Bar

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