Wednesday’s WOD


Burgener Warm up + Complex Review


e90s x7

2x Segment Squat Snatch @1” off floor (singles) 

**Beginning at a light weight (20-30%), athletes will build up to a moderately challenging Segment Squat Snatch weight (70-80%). This segment snatch will involve a pause during the 1st pull, athletes will set up off the floor, lift the bar approx 1” off the floor, pausing for 2-3 sec in this position, before completing a squat snatch. The segment snatch is used to reinforce good positions for athletes, the 1” off the floor position can aid athletes with finding the correct balance and posture during the 1st pull. Athletes still developing these movements should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good positioning. 


For Time:

Alt. Sprint: 400m Run / 1/.8 Km Bike / 1000/800m Row

15 Squat Snatch @55-65% / 3-5 UB Reps (135/95)

Alt. Sprint: 200m Run / .5/.4 Km Bike / 500/400m Row

15 Squat Snatch

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