Wednesday's WOD - 4/17/2019


Handstand Push-up Progression,


6x 25 FT R&L - 1-Arm Overhead KB Lunge @ moderate to challenging weight (down 25 FT Right and back 25FT Left = 1)

**Athletes will first place the KB in a good overhead position. Next, while keeping the KB over the shoulder (bicep next to ear) with a tight midline, they will lunge down 25 FT, switch arms, and lunge back w/ the opposite arm. Athletes that have problems with this due to injuries or mobility issues can scale to a one arm front rack KB or DB lunge.


15 min AMRAP:

25 FT OH KB Walking Lunge Right @53/35

9 1-Arm Russian KBS Right

25 FT OH KB Walking Lunge Left

9 1-Arm Russian KBS Left

5/3 STRICT HSPU / Kipping HSPU / HSPU variation

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