Wednesday’s WOD


Burgener Warm up for Clean + Complex Review


EMOM x9 - Hang Clean Complex

2x Low Hang Segment Power Clean (aka Pause Clean)

Low Hang = Just Above Kneecap

**Beginning at a light weight (20-30%), athletes will build up to a moderately challenging weight (70-75%), not a max. Athletes will start with the barbell on the floor then clean deadlift the bar to just above kneecap height, pause shortly for 2-3 sec, then perform a Hang Power Clean. Athletes still developing these movements should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good positioning.


10 min Work/Rest AMRAP:

7 Hang Power Cleans @50-60% / 2-3 UB Rds (155/105)

28 Doubles / 56 Singles

**REST 30 sec after each Completed Round**

Scaled / @Home Options:

10 min Work/Rest AMRAP:

8 (4R/L) 1-Arm Hang KB/DB Hang Power Clean

28 Doubles / 56 Singles

**REST 30 sec after each Completed Round**

NOTES: Score Completed Rounds + Reps and record Hang Power Clean weight. Athletes will keep a running total of their rounds and rest 30 sec after each completed round (e.g. Rd 1 complete in 1 min, rest until 1:30 mark before starting next round). The hang power clean weight should be challenging for experienced athletes to where it would be difficult to perform all rounds UB from the high hang.

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