Thursday Announcement

First - October 10th @ 8:00pm

-live announcement from HQ

-Lori, Hunter and Mariah will have live feed of announcement on IG & FB

-Interviews w/ M & M team coaches and captains workout or previous week victories

Team Captains - Masters

Coach Kacie Wagner

Danielle Elsen

Jarrod Brown

Mindi Williams

Team Captains - Millennials

Coach Katrina Wilcox

Alex Spainhoward

Spencer Symanowicz

Rogan Logsdon

The Age Groups - As of October 10, 2019

Millennials: Age 34 and under

Masters: Age 35 and over

How to accumulate points for your team?


Everyone can contribute points. All you have to do is register for the CF OPEN or complete the workout and submit your score on SugarWOD. Along the way there will be other scoring opportunities.


  • Workout Completion - 1pt

    • For each teammate that submits a workout result to CF Games website and/or SugarWOD

  • Workout Completion at Friday Night Lights - 5pt

    • Every member of the team that completes OPEN workouts during Friday Night Lights and Checks In!

  • Top 5 Men and Women RX (Normal or Master)

    • 1st - 10pts

    • 2nd - 8pts

    • 3rd - 6pts

    • 4th - 4pts

    • 5th - 2 pts

  • Top 5 Men and Women Scaled

    • 1st - 10pts

    • 2nd - 8pts

    • 3rd - 6pts

    • 4th - 4pts

    • 5th - 2pts

  • Judge - 1pt / person judged


Registration Begins NOW!! (take judges course)


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