Come spend the best hour of your day with CFHB!

Run and Chug Presentation Facebook Cover.png
Run and Chug Presentation Facebook Cover.png

Partner WOD - 3 Rounds for Time:

2 Cups of Beer / Choice Beverage

(other beverages will be available for purchase)


300m Run

20 Burpees

20 1-Arm HANG DB/KB Clean & Jerks @50/35

20 Box Jumps or Step-ups @24/20”

20 DB/KB Goblet Squat @50/35


Equipment: Dumbbell/Kettlebell and Plyo Box


NOTES: Score Time. All movements and drinking (drinking optional) can be split any way between two partners except for the 300m Run which both partners have to complete each round. Only one person per time can be working at a time. Each teammate will be provided four (4) cans of beer and three (3) cups. 3 beers will be poured and divided equally in the cups before the start of the workout. Final 2 beers will be celebratory when you complete the workout.


The name "High Bar" can mean many things. At its most superficial level, it is where we hold the bar when we do back squats. It also can be seen as a mark of quality, setting itself above the competition. For each of us, it is the goal that motivates us to be better. CrossFit High Bar will be successful if it provides the best hour of our members' day. In doing so, we will hold ourselves to a high standard and will promote and adhere relentlessly to the following values: