Coaching for 7 years

CF-L1 Certified

Bob Takano Weightlifting

CF Aerobic Capacity Cert.

2013 & 2014 - Individual Regional Competitor

2015, 2017, & 2018 - Team Regional Competitor

Favorite Movement: Hang Power Clean

Why I chose CrossFit: I chose CrossFit for the community aspect and the competitive environment I was searching for after college athletics.

Coaching for 10 years

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

USA Weightlifting, Advanced Sports Performance Coach (L2)

Gymnastics Trainer

Weightlifting Trainer

Endurance Trainer

Rowing Trainer

Competitor Trainer

CF Aerobic Capacity Cert.

2017 CrossFit Games Central Regional - Team Competitor

Favorite Movement: Snatch

Why I chose CrossFit: The training results I've seen athletes achieve through CrossFit is the primary reason I'm so passionate about it. It's amazing to watch what athletes can accomplish through hard work, self-discipline, and the support of a an amazing community.

Coaching for 6 years

CF-L2 Certified

Weightlifting Trainer

Rowing Trainer

Favorite Movement: Overhead Squat

Why I chose CrossFit: I found CF after having back surgery in 2011. I needed to find a program that would help build muscle back and was introduced to CF by my neighbor. In the beginning, the goal was to get strong. However, as the years progressed, my main goal shifted to having the physical ability to do whatever I want outside the gym. The one-two hours a day I spend in the gym is not to be great at CF, but to be able to hike, bike, ski, play with kids, run, etc., etc. If given the opportunity to hike a 13,000ft volcano (profile pic), I want to be able to and have no reservations. I can thank CF for having that ability!

Coaching for 1 year

CF-L1 Certified

Coaching: I started with some assistant coaching in Charlotte at CF Jane last year.  After our move back to Indiana, I started up again helping with our on-ramp classes.

Favorite Movement: Overhead Squat

Why I chose CrossFit: I started CF in 2013, because I needed a change.  Running as my only form of exercise was no longer working.  But considering I wasn't an athlete growing up and I was starting at 30 years old, I feared CF would be too hard and I would fail.  However, once I got into it and became part of the community, the fear went away and it became a challenge to just be a better version of myself.  But it's not just about a hard workout and getting stronger physically and mentally.  Our community is amazing, and I have made life long friends that I wouldn't have otherwise.  Lifting heavy is always a good time, but lifting heavy with some of my favorite people is priceless.  

Coaching for 2 years

CF-L1 Certified

Kettlebell Trainer

Favorite Lift: Thrusters

Why I chose CrossFit: I find it challenging like life itself plus it was very beneficial to my career in law enforcement. I particularly like teaching Foundations to get new athletes started on the right path.

Coaching for 4 years

CF-L1 Certified

Accomplishments: Learing how to do double unders. Teaching adults it's okay to scale. (Those two things basically make me a wizard.)

Favorite Movement: Yoke Carries, cartwheels, and dance moves.

Why I chose CrossFit: Adam made me do CrossFit. Now I enjoy the suffering.

Coaching for 7 years

CF-L2 Certified

USAW National Qualifier

USAW National Placement: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

2017 CrossFit Games Central Regional - Team Competitor

Favorite Movement: Split Jerk

Why I chose CrossFit: I chose CrossFit initially because I love competition. I have stuck with it, all of these years, because of the community. I learned to enjoy fitness and it became more than just "getting into shape" or competing. 

Coaching for 1 Year

CF-L1 Certified

CSCS Certified

Precision Nutrition Level One


Janus Fury 2019 Novice HWT Champ

2020 Franklin Street Beer Run Champ

Favorite Movement: Dumbbell Snatch

Why I chose CrossFit: I chose CrossFit for myself because I love to compete and work to improve myself everyday. I coach CrossFit because I love the people I  work with and if I can help improve themselves in any way, that is my goal.

Coaching for 5 years

CF-L1 Certified

CF Aerobic Capacity Certification

Favorite Lift: Hang Squat Clean

Why I chose CrossFit: I chose CrossFit not only for the love of competing and staying active, but for the community and relationships that it has brought into my life. Getting to workout alongside new and old friends as well as my parents and family on a daily basis keeps me motivated to come back each day. As a coach, I love the opportunity CrossFit gives me to help others achieve their goals and push themselves farther than they thought possible.

Coaching for 3.5 years

CF-L1 Certified

CPR Certification

Favorite Movement: Bar Muscle Up

Why I chose CrossFit: I chose CrossFit because of the community aspect it exhibits. The fact that we all can achieve our own goals in different ways but together at the same time. Supporting people in anything they do is always a rewarding experience. Plus it's always fun meeting new people.

Coaching for 6+ years

CF-L1 Certified

Aerobic Capacity Cert.

Favorite Movement: Squat Clean

Why I chose CrossFit: I was a little backwards; I originally got into CrossFit for the competition side of the sport, but became consumed by the community. Others tend to look for the community but fall in love with the competitive push.






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