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February 29, 2024

Sara's Transformation Journey: Embracing a New Approach

To be honest, I have always had a complex relationship with my body. Before starting CF, I was successful with a large natural weight loss journey (over 100 pounds). With that, I was able to hone my skills of self-discipline and unfortunately also the fixation on numbers.

Following this, I started CF and began to build muscle but stayed fixated on wanting the number on the scale and my BMI to drop. This past 6 months, I knew something had to change when I was taking extreme steps in my diet and restricting myself attempting to see the success in those specific metric forms. It did not work. It obviously started affecting my mental health and my progress in the gym. I had no energy.

Trenton FINALLY convinced me 30 days ago to take the InBody Scan. I was terrified. (Oh great, more numbers to fixate on). I was pleasantly surprised with some of the data but also saw the places I still needed work. The best thing, for me, that came out of the scan was accurate macro suggestions for my body and goals. It was DRASTICALLY different than my previous macros. I laughed but Trenton convinced me to give it two weeks. I did and surprisingly felt amazing. My body felt good. My workouts felt good.

I knew, however, when that month came to rescan, my weight would be stalled or up and I would once again be back at square one. Well, one 30-day scan later (and some happy tears if I am honest)… I learned I finally had movement in all the areas I wanted for so long. I kept all my muscle and lost 4.9 pounds of 100% body fat.

I also learned through that scan that BMI is an absolutely pointless measurement of anything for my body type and muscle mass. The scan gifted me some freedom from fixations on all the wrong things and also blew apart a lot of myths I held onto for so long regarding food and weight loss.

So, thanks to a coach/friend that convinced me to face my fear and literal science, I now have an entirely different program and a program that is working for my goals.

-Sara Clark, 5 Year Member

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